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How can you get the best yield from seedling trays?

When you use seedling trays for starting your seeds, the process becomes a lot more convenient than starting a small garden. It is easier, better and much more controlled. The control isn’t limited to the tray but to the environment as well as you can place the trays wherever you want. Choose a nice place indoors with enough light for your plants.

A few years ago, people always preferred and suggested to use gardens instead of trays, but in recent times experts and gardeners are suggesting that you can get the best yields from seedling trays if you follow a few simple tips.

1. Pre-soak your seedlings

Plants do not start their growth until there’s enough water/moisture around the seeds to ensure the signal to start the growth. You can accelerate the process of germination and increase the yield by pre-soaking the seedlings in water so that they start growing faster.

2. Timing and temperature

Timing and temperature matter. Before you start your seeds, make sure you understand that the plants need the right timing and the right temperature.

3. Control the environment

Controlling the environment is no rocket-science. It just means to make sure the plants are getting the light and temperature they require to grow. Some plants need natural light for most of the day while others need it partially, and some don’t need it at all. This all comes down to you, placing your tray at the right place and controlling the environment around the tray.

4. Make sure plants get as much water as they need

Watering is an aspect that many people don’t get correctly. While you don’t need to be spot on with watering your plants, you should always ensure that your plants always have enough water. Don’t overwater them but keep them with a moderate flow of water. Do keep in minds that some plants don’t need much water.

5. Make sure the seeds are healthy

When getting the seeds, make sure you buy them from an authentic place. Ensure the health and freshness of the seeds as it can affect your yield.

6. Monitor the growth

Keep checking if the plants are growing at the right speed. This will help in checking if something is wrong with the growth.

7.  Know when the plants have gotten too big for the tray

When the plants start growing, a lot of them will not fit in the seedling trays anymore; you will have to take them out and shift them to some other place which can hold them. Only transplant them when there’s a need. Don’t do it before time.

If you are looking for a seedling tray that is both affordable and high-quality, buy this tray. It comes with a double-decked design which ensures that your plants never get overwatered with the excess water flowing down to the lower layer. This seedling tray is known to yield the best quality and quantity plants if you follow the tips above.

May 01 2020
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