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Best spots to place a growing tray and watch plant growth process

When you start some seeds in your seedling tray, it’s a process to savor and enjoy. It’s like watching little seedlings come to life right in front of your eyes as life progresses and days go on. You take care of your plants and watch them grow, just like any other beautiful form of life. One of the most important aspects of growing plants in a seedling tray is the placement of the tray.

Sometimes people do not focus on it much, but it’s incredibly important as different seeds require different atmospheres and environments. Some seeds might require to be placed in direct sunlight while some require to be placed in damp and dark places. This becomes really important as the placement of the tray can affect the growing the seeds directly.

Here’s a list of best spots to place a growing tray and watch plant growth process.

1.    Right next to your kitchen window

Placing the growing tray in your kitchen right next to a window or near a window is a wise choice. It can be the best place because the kitchen is the place of cooking and you cook almost every day. It becomes easier to take care of and watch the growth. It also helps if the seeds you’ve started require natural light or heat.

2.    Near the window in your lounge

If you don’t have a window in your kitchen, you can place your growing tray, or if the kitchen window doesn’t get enough natural light, you can consider placing the growing tray near another window in your lounge or living room. Placing near windows ensure that proper light and heat can reach the plants.

3.    Any place indoors that gets enough light

Most of the plants require natural light. Some need it for most of the day while some only require it partially. It is advisable to place it someplace indoor where natural light can reach the plants.

4.    Outside your door

If you have a setup where it is possible you can put the seedling tray right outside your door where it is safe and sound, you can do that. It is rarely ever this safe as there can be animals outside who could disturb your plants. However, if you can ensure safety, then outside your door is a suitable place as there’s always natural light and warmth in summers.

5.    Dark places, such as cupboards

This is for rare cases as there are very fewer plants that require their environment to be dark and damp. In the case of such plants, you should consider placing trays in cupboards and other dark places.

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May 01 2020
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