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Which plants can you grow in a seedling tray?

Seedling trays are in fashion these days. These trays make the whole process of growing plants and vegetables in your home or any place so much easier and better. During current times, if you want to grow plants, you must get yourself a seedling tray (can insert product link here). That being said, there’s always the question of which plants you can actually grow properly in a seedling tray?

Of course, due to the size, platform, design, capacity and other features of the seedling trays, it has some limitations. To reap the benefits and plants from homegrown plants, you can grow the following at home in your trays.

Common plants you can grow in a seedling tray:

1.    Tomatoes

Tomatoes are one of the most useful plants you can grow in your seedling trays. Seedling trays allow you to start a lot of tomato seeds in a very compact space without having to care of separate pots or plants. Tomatoes generally take up 50 days to start producing. Make sure to put proper distance between each seedling as it’ll grow big quickly.

2.    Turnips

When placing turnips in a seedling tray, make sure to keep a substantial difference of at least 4 inches between turnip seeds. Growing turnips in seed trays can end up being easier and healthier for the turnips.

3.    Carrots and Radishes

You can grow carrots and radishes in seedling trays very comfortably. You should consider getting trays that are at least 2 inches deep so you can properly place carrot seeds within the spots. Place up to two carrot seeds in one cell. Radishes, like carrots, require little depth so you can grow them like carrots in your seedling trays.

4.    Herbs

Herbs grow quickly and easily indoors. For herbs, you should consider using seedling trays. Pick a proper location where it gets enough light and heat, and then place the seedling tray at that place. Place the seeds in the cells and start the process immediately.

5.    Other plants and vegetables

There are tons of other plants and vegetables that you can grow in seedling trays. In recent times, experts have said that seedling trays can be used to grow the best-quality plants because you can place them in a controlled environment and keep checks. You can choose plants and vegetables that are fast to grow and easily consumable. It is advised that you grow the ones you want to use in your daily life so you can benefit from them as much as the whole process itself.

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May 01 2020
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